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Kylee Laynee

Kylee has loved music since the very beginning. Her mother, Kendale said that her cries sounded like music. She spent her early years building her voice and stage presence by competing in various singing competitons and singing at local venues. She released her first EP "Ain't Gonna Turn Around" at the age of 16 after her first heartbreak. Fast forward to 2016 after another heartbreak she released her EP "First Step" at the age of 20. Do you see a pattern here? Kylee believes that music is healing and is the perfect way to express feelings. She isn't afraud to show good, bad, pretty and ugly sides of life. She wants to showcase her faith, honestly and joy in her music. 


Now she is 23 this year, she has been writing, recording and going back and fourth to Nashville to pursue her career as a country music artist. She has been writing with Producer Zac Maloy (co-wrote Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood, recieved Dove Award for Skillet's "Good To Be Alive", Front-man for "The Nixons"). Zac saw potenital in Kylee and decided to dive into her development in the music industry with friend Skip Bishop. As a dynamic duo, they are working with Kylee to help her pursue this dream she has had since she was little girl. 


“Kylee’s brilliant concept of a country spin on various genres is such a creative endeavor.   She has such a genuine earthy vibe to her talent and weaves her way through these compelling tracks like a bluesy old soul.

Her collection is a real salute to musical ingenuity and captures just who she is and what these compositions mean to her.”

- Skip Bishop 


“Kylee has a unique knack for combining fresh modern vocals with a completely singular sultry and smooth delivery. She lights up a room when she walks in and you can feel that energy coming from the speakers when you turn it up. I am as excited about this project as anything I’ve done. Not just because of Kylee’s true talent shining through, but that it’s channeled through a completely randomly cool set of cover songs. Leading the way is my favorite, Kylee’s take on The Foo Fighter’s “My Hero”.” - Zac Maloy 

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